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20 Top Cybersecurity Companies for 2023

Our specialties include Red Team Penetration Testing, Security Architecture Reviews, ICS and IIoT Security, Incident Response, and Custom Training. The InGuardians team delivers talks and training on Kubernetes and container security, penetration testing, and other specialized topics at top industry conferences like RSA, DEF CON, and the Black Hat Briefings. The team has developed Open Source projects for Kubernetes, including Peirates, a Kubernetes penetration testing tool, and Bustakube, an intentionally-vulnerable Kubernetes cluster built as a teaching tool. Established in 2003 by industry veterans, InGuardians brings technical experience and business acumen to your projects.

A cloud-native platform, Zscaler’s Data Protection solution provides flexible yet robust protection for all users, apps, and, most importantly, data in your cloud network. The solution is highly scalable–a must for any cloud-native, cloud-friendly solution. It can protect users regardless of where they may be in the world, can control and safeguard data at rest in public clouds, and encrypts and secures while it’s in transit.

famous cloud security solutions for companies

Rather than having multiple components of security control products, CloudGuard takes a unified approach to threat prevention and posture management from a unified platform. CloudGuard, Checkpoint’s product for securing multi-cloud environments, is a context-based cloud security engine supporting many different cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Vmware, Oracle etc. The same servers, software and apps that used to be located on-premises in the previous decades, are now migrated to cloud services, but they still need the same security protection level as before. To help you navigate and identify the right cloud security solution, herein is an overview of what these systems do along with a list of options for you to choose from. Currently, businesses should implement elaborate cloud security measures to establish a strong data encryption and protection posture.

Let experts find security gaps in your

The executives can create a better line of communication with DevOps teams by benefiting from data-intensive reports on audit compliance. Otherwise, ensure your company is comfortable integrating with a similar service that is supported. Also, before making any final decision, you need to determine how much effort and time it will require your team to manage different aspects of the cloud infrastructure. Have a constructive cloud security solutions conversation with the provider; it will assist in determining which products and providers best fit the needs of your company. It is crucial to be well-inform and approach your entire security program holistically and strategically within your environment to the security tools you select. However, before selecting a cloud-based security solution, you need to take several considerations into account.

Guradicore has a robust policy engine that maps your entire IT environment, providing you with recommendations depending on the resulting asset classification. Founded in 2009 as pioneers of secure cloud hosting, Armor’s evolution has led to a focus on making cloud security and compliance simple, achievable, and manageable across any environment. They make cybersecurity and compliance simple, scalable, and profitable for managed service providers across endpoint, network, server, and hybrid cloud environments. Trellix, the name given to the merged entity of FireEye and McAfee Enterprise, has appeared on 15 of our top security products lists. As Trellix made XDR its primary focus, it spun off much of McAfee’s cloud business as Skyhigh Security to focus on SASE use cases. Both companies are owned by private equity group Symphony Technology Group – which also owns RSA, our next entry on this list.

The platform uses AI to prioritize your vital applications and apply segmentation policies without disrupting workflows. Additionally, Guardicore uses collectors to obtain visibility into endpoints where agents cannot be deployed. One surprise in the security market in recent years has been Microsoft’s outperformance in independent security tests.

Top Cloud Security Companies in 2022 – How to Choose the Best One

Lastly, it responds by automatically dispersing whatever is necessary as long as it has permission. CloudKnox is a quick and efficient CIEM tool for discovering who is doing what, where, and when across an organization’s cloud network. This open source tool detects various security vulnerability patterns like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting , Cross-Site Request Forgery , XML eXternal Entity Injection , etc.

famous cloud security solutions for companies

Also, it safeguards crucial cloud applications, including Google Drive and One Drive. O It facilitates data loss prevention, complete cloud encryption gateway, cloud computing, and related security among various uses. Cloud-based security solutions provide purpose-built technological solutions which will assist you in staying on top of security without having to add more security personnel to your company. Cloud solutions are most appropriate if a company has limited in-house resources and expertise.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

The security solution helps teams identify any vulnerabilities before hackers do by providing observable securing shortcomings and suggestions. When a security incident arises, the Threat Stack Platform can assist the cloud security engineers in finding out what is happening much faster and give a quick and accurate response. Skybox is ideal for companies with an existing security landscape that is deeply entrenched. Its 150+ native integrations enable seamless retro-fitting with your current environment, not to mention its hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premise compatibility. Finally, its network modeling and analytics feature allow you to close gaps before they can cause serious threats. If you are leveraging Citrix for desktop virtualization, Kaspersky’s solution will bring Citrix and VMware-ready protection out of the box.

famous cloud security solutions for companies

Security can be applied invisibly, fraud reduced in real time, mobile apps and users safeguarded, and security measures dynamically adjusted. Prove is a digital and mobile identity authentication platform that offers tools for providing effortless and secure user experiences. The platform instantaneously authenticates new user account openings, mobile and web logins, text sessions and call center communications without one-time passwords or knowledge-based questions.

Top Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)

To do this, an agent must be installed on each workload instance in order to monitor and enforce the security policies to the instance. By offering observable security suggestions and shortcomings, Threat Stack helps teams identify vulnerabilities before hackers do. In such scenarios, numerous organizations are looking for a solution to safeguard their cloud architecture and subsequently relying on various solutions to help them curb breaches. As a Premium user you get access to background information and details about the release of this statistic.

  • Although cloud computing allows for efficient mobility and flexibility, it comes with a particular risk to businesses applying it.
  • With that arises the issue of data loss and data theft—which is in every way harmful for enterprises.
  • Perhaps most importantly, they need to be as transparent as possible, with admins having extensive insight into all network activity.
  • Guradicore has a robust policy engine that maps your entire IT environment, providing you with recommendations depending on the resulting asset classification.
  • SiteLock is a cloud-based security firm which safeguards sites from attacks, malware and other cyber threats.

Sitelocks regularly scan websites’ vulnerabilities and keep them secure from DDoS, XSS, and SQL attacks. Fortinet is a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity, catering to over 455,000 customers around the world. Its flagship solution, Fortinet Security Fabric, also powers its hybrid cloud solution in the enterprise and mid-size business segment. For instance, Cloud Security Posture Management verifies any form of cloud platform and finds any misconfiguration, leading to cyber threats.

Bottom Line: Cloud Security Companies

It’s essentially a CPSM multi-cloud solution that delivers robust container security. It offers intuitive and broad protection for your cloud stack throughout its stages, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and whether your data is at rest or in transit. Scanning is particularly robust, with capabilities within the solution include IaC security, secrets scanner, container image scanning, and repository scanning.

Sophos Cloud Optix

While most of its competitors sell all-in-one solutions, Cisco allows teams to pick and choose individual cloud security components and products if they simply need to complete an already-existing partial security solution. HyTrust workload encryption is designed for applications handling sensitive data in the cloud. Its workload encryption services work with both in-house, physical servers and all major cloud platforms. Firms use such tools in enforcing policies, protecting information transmitted through or stored in cloud applications. These provisions offer secure access points, like gateways and sandboxes, for only approved users to only launch and subsequently run cloud applications in a safe environment.

Top 11 Identity & Access Management Tools

Put into consideration what your security goals are and the security measures that are provided by every cloud provider. Also, ensure you thoroughly understand particular areas that every party is responsible for. Cloud computing involves delivering hosted services such as hardware, software, and storage over the internet. Cloud computing has become virtually universal in companies of all sizes due to low upfront costs, rapid deployment, scalability, and flexibility. Cybersecurity mesh has also become one of the building blocks of Zero-Trust architecture, which every organization is adopting. The Zero Trust security approach helps companies enhance their security around every device, user, and connection by enabling them to manage threats proactively.

Ensure you select a cloud architecture platform that can assist you to meet compliance standards that are required in your organization or industry. The cloud has been an inevitable force in recent years, becoming an even more crucial part of work lives today. However, the accelerated move to the cloud has also exposed organizations to critical security threats and data breaches that need immediate attention. Also, the growth of cloud computing lacking a carefully planned, orderly fashion, has made it all the more harder to identify vulnerabilities and workload configurations that are out of compliance. Companies with a long-term investment in the hybrid cloud should consider Fortinet as a promising partner, owing to its software solution as well as its robust service capabilities. Fortinet has authorized training centers and NSE certifications to build your in-house cybersecurity expertise and strengthen your long-term security posture.

Astra’s vulnerability scanner is capable of conducting more than 3000 tests to detect vulnerabilities that matched an extensive vulnerability database which includes OWASP Top Ten, SANS 25, known CVEs, and more. For instance, the developers can set compliance and legal requirements for the tool to scan frequently through the Configuration and Audit Control application. For instance, Google Cloud and AWS make the process relatively easy since they list their paid products, security features, and partner’s integration on the security section of their websites. One of the most significant differentiators of Skybox is its role-based reporting feature.

Offerings include tools to prevent data loss and detect system intrusion, assess security and scan for vulnerabilities. In addition, the company provides protection, code review, penetration testing and other security measures for applications. Network Perception strives to protect operational technology networks from vulnerabilities in a proactive manner. Through its NP-View platform, the company uses continuous visualization and risk assessment to identify possible vulnerabilities. The company’s goal is to present threats before they become breaches, without relying on audit periods.

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