RPL Insurance Agency needed digital transformation.  We had to blend creativity and strategy to meet goals.

Corporate Web Design & Development / Brand Identity Design /  Community Management

RPL Accredited Agents for Jubilee Insurance has been established, with a Premium Portfolio exceeding Rs 100,000,000, RPL’s client base comprises of corporations as well as individual clients. 

We were tasked with designing a strong identity for RPL by designing a recognizable logo and a colour palette that incorporated red. They wanted a friendly feel to their new site that would be more appealing to a large audience.

RPL Insurance Agency serves Mauritians in all age groups, across every socioeconomic background. It was important that their website was designed to welcome anyone who might need insurance services.

It was important that their website was designed to welcome anyone who might need insurance services.

We proceeded with a design that incorporates softer typography, icons, and a clean, and simplified design. These combine with intuitive UX to make a site that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, which helps make the insurance products and concepts easier to retain and understand.

Having designed the corporate brand identity, our objectives were mainly to enhance brand equity and online reach. For this reason, we designed multistep online forms and navigation to ensure focus is on Auto insurance with strong callouts for quotes on Home, Business, Health and Travel. 

Likewise, making a clean corporate aesthetically appealing website with user experience and to make the site more engaging. with overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience.

Following this, we improved the experience and usability of the Locations Finder via robust Google Maps API integrations consequently enhancing the SEO performance with a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.

Blending it all Together

The RPL website bolsters their brand and digital strategy by making content more accessible, information more readily available, and getting quotes and updates a fully self-serve reality.

The new services section puts the insurance products options front-and-centre. Greater access to nearby locations through Facebook geotagging means that visitors can get help with the services they need more quickly. 


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