Serity is a new compliance and consultancy firm in Mauritius providing support to companies to build an effective governance and compliance framework which will contribute to optimising the business performance. With the on-going change in the regulatory framework, they are here to  ensure that their clients are aware of their obligation and have the proper internal control to meet the local requirements.
Corporate Web Design & Development / Brand Identity Design

Being a new company in the world of financial services they needed a strong name, logo and complete branding. The client wanted a brand that would create a strong impact on the market and at the same time convey trust, reliability and trendiness at the same time. 

In terms of naming the brand, we had an extensive brainstorming session with the client. Following different name combinations and propositions we came up with “Serity”. 


Once the name was confirmed, we started the branding process with different logo propositions.


It was important that their website was designed to welcome anyone who might need COMPLIANCE services.

The client finally opted for a blue and green logo with a symbol of ‘S’ in 2 distinctive shapes and colors. This logo is a combination of classic and simplicity which was what the client wanted.

When it came to website development, this project taught us the importance of adaptability when working with clients who have no previous experience and understanding of website creation. If not educated properly, these clients can fall into the trap of oversimplifying things since they do not understand the logistics and work it takes behind the scenes. In this case, we had to take an incremental approach that is one step at a time with the clients to ensure maximum satisfaction. 

Overall, we can say that this project helped us develop our creative approach in the financial world. Often people believe that compliance and consultancy can be a boring project but that was not the case for Serity. The bottom line with this project is that education and communication is key. 

Fun & Creative Professionalism Is Possible!  

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