When Votre Pote Agé wanted to revamp their old bland e-commerce website, We went organic and made it ergonomic. 

Web design / Ecommerce 

Votre Pote Age is a grocery store that was launched eight years ago as an offspring of A.Chinatamby Ltd, a supplier of fruits and vegetables to the Mauritian hotels—built on a team of innovative and organic advocates.

The brand focuses on selling the freshest, highest quality groceries that are ethically sourced and organically grown.

We helped them translate their craft into a beautiful eCommerce website that truly represented their brand’s new direction and company culture.

We organised a product photoshoot session for their in-store products.


We organised a product photoshoot session for their in-store products, then commenced designed and developed a functional and eCommerce website that is simple yet content-driven. By creating a custom website with their audience continuously in mind, we provided them with a custom structure they could easily manage. Through our process, VotrePoteAge has gained a powerful tool to grow their business, both locally and internationally. Our team helped them developed a better way to add and share all the unique content they have without much coding needed on their end.

The new website feels organic and simple, and as fresh as Votre Pote Age’s fruits and vegetables. We used Woocommerce and WPML to deliver custom experiences to different regional audiences and create a powerful ‘Where To Buy’ functionality to drive conversions. The content strategy is more robust, with improved lateral navigation opportunities between products, blog posts, and ingredient information. 

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