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We believe that our work and client opinions define who we truly are

gt3web was founded in 2020 by Karrim Abbassakoor, with a vision to collaborate and empower passionate people to build the future.

gt3web consulting continues to make its impact on people and businesses in Mauritius.

With Ayo, our Co-founder & General Manager, we’ve intentionally maintained a small, versatile team where our effort and commitment to each project are much larger. We are small enough to be simple and fast but big enough to deliver your project scope at the pace you need.

We believe that working closely and in direct contact with our clients will lead to a better understanding of project needs and better results.


Here’s all that we offer

Sidenote: we don't work with marketing & business strategy; we'll need your guidance there.

Positioning elaboration
Brand messages
Brand idea
Logo design
Brandbook & guidelines

Web style search
Web hosting
Custom Web development
Web design

UI+UX Audit
Discovery & Ideation
Design Concept
Scale & Iterate

Motion graphics
Logo animations
Web animation
Interaction design
Motion Identity

Flat and line art
3D illustrations
Animated Illustration

Social media
Content Creation
Content Marketing
Content Strategy

— These days, we only get better through our clients:
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CEO & Founder

We aspire to show the results above any expectations

Our agency is focused on working with digital products because we’re sure that mastery comes with focus and persistence. We aspire to make a difference and to show the results above any expectations, no matter what we do — whether it’s branding, website or product interfaces.  We put a concept at the center of everything we do, and it drives our design decisions. We’re not the best agency in the world, and have no intention to become one. But if you have a digital product and want to create an outstanding identity, website and interface design we’re probably the best place to go.


GM & Founder

We believe perfection is overrated, and the business goals are what counts.

We are quick and consistent, meaning that we will not spend weeks polishing easing your button animations and certainly will not take months to push out a few supporting pages. We believe that perfection is overrated and often disappoints when the business goals are what counts, yet as a design studio we put our reputation on the line for the quality of our work.

If all sounds good, leave a request.

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