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Designing UI+UX for Digital Products


UI+UX: Golf like a Pro concept for amateur golfers in Mauritius

Golf Like a Pro


01 Analysis

Diving deep into your industry, your business, product and users expectations.

Product passport

defining the goals and priorities

Market research

looking for the insights and defining the distinguishing points for the future product

User Research and Feedback Analysis

defining the targeted audience, user profiles, their expectations and pain points

02 Design Concept

Diving deep into your industry, your business, product and users expectations.

User-flow and wireframes

the structure of the main screens and scenarios

Moodboards and references

defining the tone of voice and the visual style

UI kit basic components

crafting the foundation for the future product scale


what are the features available in your product and how do users navigate in it

Trend watching

finding the best practices of how the similar tasks are solved by other products: technologically, functionally and visually

Main Scenario and Screens Designed

creating the look-and-feel for the future digital product based on requirements and brand platform

03 Scale & Iterate

Release-ready detailed product design iteratively delivered.


testing and collecting the stakeholders and users feedback

UI kit and handoff-ready designed layouts

design supervision and support

Detailed design of All Scenarios

including edge cases, error screens, animations, components and their states

Release-ready product design

animations, onboarding and learning scenarios

Positioning elaboration
Brand messages
Brand idea
Logo design
Brandbook & guidelines

Web style search
Web hosting
Custom Web development
Web design

UI+UX Audit
Discovery & Ideation
Design Concept
Scale & Iterate

Motion graphics
Logo animations
Web animation
Interaction design
Motion Identity

Flat and line art
3D illustrations
Animated Illustration

Social media
Content Creation
Content Marketing
Content Strategy

What else?

Our web unit takes these great and tells your story

Sidenote: we don't work with marketing & business strategy; we'll need your guidance there.

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