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Carclub: With you all the way đźš—

About Carclub Revamp

Carclub is a reconditioned auto dealership of premium cars with more than a decade of experience in the automotive industry.

With a fantastic engineering and service department, knowledgeable sales staff, and one of the best selection of German and Japanese cars in Mauritius. The CEO wanted to revamp the website for the dealership. The earlier website lacked essential user experience and was designed in an obsolete CMS theme.


Carclub’s CEO wanted to upgrade the website to a new technology that has a faster turn-around time to introduce new features and content.

The project’s goal was to provide users with all the relevant information about car models and achieve high conversion rates. With this business need, the website development project was offered to gt3web consulting.

This fast, feature-rich custom website’s primary goal is to provide relevant information to existing customers and potential buyers; hence WordPress was the CMS chosen for this responsive website, optimised for all leading mobile devices. The objective was to have a quick development cycle and efficient content update mechanism across the website.

We had to design an aesthetically appealing and functional website that delivers high usability experience and quick response. We had to choose CMS with SEO optimised capabilities and one that offers ease of managing the content. Implementing business intelligence which enhances productivity ensuring compatibility between different platforms (browser and mobile devices)

Suffice to say; we had to encourage visitors to book a test drive, car service, make car information more comfortable to explore. Help customers find appropriate finance options, showcase services and other add-ons and Security management and higher performance.



Having discussed extensively to determine the goal of the new website. We came up with a design that perfectly executes our Carclub’s objective. Our developer also created innovative and custom theme which made the client’s website instantly recognisable.

To provide our client with all the functionality they requested, we combined our custom modules with WP’s features and created a fast, secure, highly configurable, responsive website. Full integration of content, including text, images and video as supplied by the client was managed through WordPress. 

We have developed some custom plugins to fulfil our requirement i.e SEO, Sitemap, New Car etc. Extensive javascript code was also written for making WP pages more interactive to the user.In short, what we did:
Custom module/ Theme development

Capability to assign custom meta tags and have unique page URLs to assist dealer specific SEO

Content that was common across dealers was managed at one location. But also allowed some content to be dealer specific.

SAAS/CSS and JS Aggregation and minification

Caching of static files

Dynamic file caching / micro caching.


Load balancing

Security management

Monitoring and management

Flexibility and redundancy per capability

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