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Mauribel Security 🐕


About Mauribel Security

Mauribel Security operates principally in the fields of Security and K9 services. We helped and advised Mauribel with its digital presence with a bespoke, functional and an eye-catching website.

The brief? To provide a website in line with Mauribel’s ambitions and image. We produced a photo report on the workshop and the team, which enabled us to add substance to the website. The addition of understated animations enabled us to propose a website at once clear and exciting. The website’s performance in terms of loading speed and user experience guarantees an SEO friendly website for optimal Google indexing.



The website has been comprehensively rethought to create a bespoke digital tool for the firm. A responsive design website, accessible with appropriate SEO, intended for anyone who needs security services efficient construction. Understated, fluid animations add a little excitement without hindering clarity. The straightforward, functional administration enables the client to update and produce all of its content on a regular basis, with perfect SEO by Google.

As at today averages 50 quotes per month, with aggressive marketing, numbers are poised to burgeon. 

Head of PM: Ayodele Akinyele
Brand Retouch: Adil Baguant
Bespoke Web Development: Ayodele Akinyele
Community Management: Henna Mossun

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