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Happy dog Mauritius: All you feed is love 🥰

About Happy Dog Mauritius

You don’t get to be one of the leading pet food providers in the world’s franchise by thinking small.

So to help meet Happy dog Mauritius’ response to the impact of Covid on businesses, we knew we had to do something big.

Working closely with our client, we decided to target dog and cat lovers in Mauritius. But with all the options out there, what would grab their attention? And how could we convince them that Happy Dog Mauritius offered the best food for their four-legged pets?

happydog gt3web mauritius
happydog gt3web mauritius


Our solution was to develop a fun, friendly and functional e-commerce user-friendly website that captures the look and feel of the Happy Dog website in Germany, outlining the variety of pet food available for the Mauritian community.

Tactics included newsletter signup for free dog samples, for existing and prospective customers, and whilst driving traffic to the website through Facebook.

The promotion fired on all cylinders, running from December to February. By the time it was all over, we had succeeded in gaining 150 leads for the franchise with that promotion alone.

happydog gt3web mauritius

Head of PM: Ayodele Akinyele
Brand Retouch: Adil Baguant
E-commerce Web Development: Ayodele Akinyele
Product Shoot: Adil Baguant
Community Management: Anaistah Dabee

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