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Linet: Quality, best deals, and fun glasses you deserve 😎

About Linet

Linet is a sister company of Patel Optics which was founded in 1986 by Mrs Nusrat Patel, who is still the CEO of the family business. The first branch was set up in Beau-Basin, on the main road, and has, until now, been a hit with its locally-based clientele.

With the aim of providing quality and affordable eyewear to mid to low-income households, Linet becomes the third pillar of Patel Optics which has focused from the outset on two pillars, which are the service and quality of the product.

For years, the eyewear business has been dominated by a monopoly that has been able to keep prices high, especially with popular brand names hence making it difficult for everyone to afford quality eyewear.

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Our solution is simple, at Linet, we provide quality frames that low-income people can afford without compromising durability by bypassing traditional channels.

In short, enjoy a feast of product color, finishes and choices. To clarify, the variety is unmatched in the industry! But, with various product configurations available, clients are now able to view and refine from a robust variety. Therefore, pushing user interaction through the roof! As a result, it’s now easier to visualize the brand

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linet gt3web mauritius
linet gt3web mauritius

Head of PM: Ayodele Akinyele
Art Direction:
Ayodele Akinyele
Brand Design: Anaistah Dabee
Web Development: Ayodele Akinyele
Product Shoot: Adil Baguant
Shop Design: Adil Baguant, Anaistah Dabee

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