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CASS: Compliance Compliance ✅

About CASS

Helping CASS to help your business standout

CASS’s team comprises professionals who possess a wealth of experience and knowledge of the regulatory environment and is best placed to provide our clients with the required services and support they need in establishing a strong and effective compliance framework. 

We assist clients in identifying and mitigating compliance risks and provide solutions that are custom-built to their Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) requirements.

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Bespoke design & Messaging

The technical description of how CASS works is complex and difficult to understand. We worked with the internal team to simply core messages to make them more digestible. Bold, clear typography works alongside graphic illustrations to help clearly explain the benefits.


Corporate Presence

The main deliverable for this project was a corporate identity and online presence that reflects the ethos of the brand.

We designed a content structure that helps visitors find and understand the answers to key questions, and a design style that broke content up into easily understandable sections.

The site uses WordPress CMS to help the team keep content relevant, add new information as questions arise and publish live deployment information.

Head of PM: Ayodele Akinyele
Art Direction:
Ayodele Akinyele
Brand Design: Adil Bagaunt
UI+UX Design: Ayodele Akinyele
Web Development: Ayodele Akinyele

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